The morning started bright & early, when Brian Tinkler, our Wisconsin INETA President, and the Deeper in .Net Master of Ceremonies had a room full of almost 400 .Net programmers yelling "DEEPER IN .NET!" as a reponse to "WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO TODAY!". Brian did a great job keeping everything moving along, I know he's spent months planning this event, and the last couple weeks have been intense for him! He did an amazing job of bringing some of the most reknown .Net authorities in the world to Wisconsin. Many would agree, there has never been such a huge .Net event, free for all who came. We owe this thanks to Brian, and of course all of the sponsors!

Our platinum sponsors included Inacom Information Systems, New Resources Consulting, and Serlio Software.
Gold sponsers were Centare Group, SafeNet Consulting, Technology Consulting Corp, Berbee, Compuware, Mortgagebot, InfoCor, SilverTrain, Oochie Web Hosting, and Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek.
Additional sponsership was provided by the Milwaukee Visual Studio Developer's Group, and of course, by INETA.

Rocky Lhotka - Rocky spoke about his Component-based Scalable Logical Architecture (CSLA) for .Net. He talked us through using OO techniques to simplify distributed system development, with some amazing (and until I actually apply it, idealistic) UI implementation. As a long fan of Rocky's work in Visual Studio Magazine, .Net Magazine, and various online articles, it was great to see Rocky in person.

Scott Guthrie - The FATHER OF ASP.NET had some awesome information on Whidbey, it was AMAZING to meet him in person. There's a problem I need to get over: Most of the kickass functionality that comes with Whidbey takes things we've all spent countless hours researching & learning (a.k.a. "screwing up"), wrapping, and componentizing, and boils them all down into drag & drop controls. Granted, all that slick functionality will be bringing new blood to the table, and of course, many MANY new collaborative websites, which is exactly what I want to see!

Rob Howard - The founder, rather, self-proclaimed "co-conspirator" of Telligent Systems spoke about "blackbelt ASP" tips & tricks, and covered optimization, caching, ADO.Net, and an Async technique. Much of this stuff was an extension off of the daily routines we ASP.Net programmers live & die by. Rob's work, with Jason Alexander, Scott Watermasysk, and the others at Telligent, has resulted in Community Server. Version 1 just came out, do yourself a favor and check it out (it's free, and it's installer is a beautiful thing!).

Chris Mayo (no blog) - Chris talked about clickonce deployment. I have seen Chris talk before on this subject, he's a great speaker... he needs a blog!

Jason Beres - Jason is an amazing speaker, his antics had the audience rolling from the beginning, and we were all wide awake & ready to go as he brought us into the next generations of Visual Studio & SQL Server. Everyone was impressed by his demo of SQL's user-defined types (& aggregates), and showed us how easy it was to work in SQL with our favorite .Net languages

SWAG & GIVE-AWAYS - Too much to mention... Tons of great tech books, all kinds of electronics including an iPod mini, free web hosting, control packages from Infragistics & many others, tons of shirts, best-buy gift certificates ($250!), the give-aways lasted over 30 minutes and were moving quickly. There was more than enough breakfast, lunch, coffee & Mt. Dew to keep almost 400 geeks revved up for 9 solid hours of talkage.

Rocky Lhotka
Scott Guthrie
Rob Howard
Jason Beres
Brian Tinkler

Scott Isaacs
Casey Chesnut
Matt Dieters
Marty Garins
Sean McCormack
Chad Albrecht
Chris Pietschmann
Jacob Cynamon
Matt Terski
Dennis Jenders
Damon Payne

I know I'm probably missing some, please let me know if you're a .Net blogger local to Milwaukee (or WI for that matter!).

Thanks again, to all who attended, and to Brian, INETA, and all the sponsors that made this happen!  The energy and passion within our community is nothing short of surreal, I'm proud to be a part of it all.

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