LIGHTWEDGE™ - Being impulsive pays off for once!

B&N in Brookfield is moving, and they've got a bunch of stuff 50% off. Strangely, their tech books max out at 20% off, and only a select few at that.

Anyway, my wife impulsively grabbed a Lightwedge reading light off the shelf, @ 50% off of $35.  I was skeptical, and since I was completely convinced she didn't mind when I kept the side light on all night long reading, I didn't think I'd use it. 

Of couse she got it anyway.

It's much brighter than the side-table light!  It's white LED projects off the lens evenly across the page.  4 AAAs keep it going for ~40 hours.

My only criticism is that the 9 1/4” size that “fits any book” doesn't fit any of my books.  The lens lines up nicely with the page content, but not the page itself.  This thing was designed to rest flush against the paper.  Make a bigger model!  It's still worth $35 though.  It's a steal at B&N for $18.


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# re: LIGHTWEDGE™ - Being impulsive pays off for once!

left by casey chesnut at 4/9/2005 6:22 PM Gravatar
thanks for the tip off. ended up grabbing a couple discounted books. skipped on the lightwedge though ... figured it would just slow me down

# re: LIGHTWEDGE™ - Being impulsive pays off for once!

left by Scott Isaacs at 4/11/2005 11:04 AM Gravatar
Kelly and I went back to B&N on Sunday and got a number of books. No tech books for me, but I did get an Army Survival Manual! (Just in case I ever get stuck in the woods with only a toothpick, some chewing gum, and a shoelace...)

Besides the light, did you end up getting any books for yourself, or just the kids? (A second copy of PEAA? Some CSS/XHTML reference?)

# Book: The Power of Innovative Thinking

left by Tap My Mind at 4/12/2005 11:06 AM Gravatar
As Gerry mentioned, the local B&N is moving and was having a pretty good sale on certain books. ...

# re: LIGHTWEDGE™ - Being impulsive pays off for once!

left by Grace at 7/25/2005 7:57 AM Gravatar
Maybe you should try the Paperback size LightWedge, designed for the mass-market paperbacks.
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