Flying with a Grammy Award winner?

I'm disconnected at my lame-ass hotel (swank as it is), so I need to squeeze out a post & get some better ones tomorrow...

Anyway... Holy crap.

I got on the plane for Orlando, and ended up sitting next to Lee Greenwood (never personally heard of him). 

After chatting with him awhile, I had no idea who he was at the time other than another father of an 8-year old.  He said he was an “entertainer”, and was flown up to sing for the race at the Milwaukee Mile that day.  I decided to google his name [here].

I discovered he's the composer of God Bless the USA, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society's Patriot Award, and a Grammy Award winner.

After visiting with him about kids & games & stuff, I pulled out my portable Abalone and had a game with him (stalemate, didn't get to finish).

To my right, was Kent Tegels, very cool guy - sqlJunkies SQL 2005 Ninja Assassin for DevelopMentor.

Guess who I was interested in visiting with.  I'm a geek.

I have some big news too about our fearless leader, but I need to make sure it's worth sharing... It's amazing, and demonstrates how powerful our UG in the corner of bf WI has become in the INETA community.

800,000 members in INETA worldwide.

In the Leader's Summit this morning, there were ~140 members present.

NONE of them had stories that came close to what we've pulled together in the last 12 months, from the Deeper in .Net event, to the presentations, sponsorships, membership, regular meeting attendees, and altogether coolness.  Brian's and the UG has been doing something right, and Brian has been recognized by the top of the INETA group today... his priorities are with his wife & born-any-minute son, but he was very missed down here by just about everyone in the INETA community.

Jeanne called me, said the weather up in MKE was better than Orlando right now: humid, 90F, rainy.

I'll get some TECHED stuff in tomorrow...

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